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Disability Minister Anne Rabbitte Visits Loaf Cafe

An image of two male Loaf Cafe staff talking to Disability Minister Anne Rabbitte in Loaf Cafe Kilmainham, Dublin
Pictured: Disability Minister Anne Rabbitte with members of the training academy

Minister Anne Rabbitte Commends Loaf Cafe and NOW Group's Efforts in Empowering People with Disabilities.

Disability Minister Anne Rabbitte paid a visit to Loaf Cafe in the vibrant D8 area of Dublin last week, where she witnessed firsthand the incredible work being done by NOW Group. NOW Group is a leading organisation dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in securing meaningful and sustainable employment opportunities.

During her visit, Minister Rabbitte had the opportunity to meet with both the participants currently on placement at Loaf Cafe and the enthusiastic new cohort who recently joined NOW Group's latest training academy. This innovative training academy, made possible through funding from Rethink Ireland, aims to empower 70 individuals with disabilities by providing them with comprehensive training and paving their way towards rewarding careers in the catering/hospitality and digital administration sectors.

What sets this project apart is its focus on ensuring 27 participants progress into paid jobs with local businesses. NOW Group's continued expansion across the island of Ireland is a testament to their commitment to creating inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities. By bridging the gap between training and employment, NOW Group is transforming lives and promoting a more inclusive society.

NOW Group CEO, Maeve Monaghan, expressed her gratitude for Minister Rabbitte's visit, saying,

"We are honoured to have had Minister Rabbitte join us and witness the incredible potential of our participants. With the support of Rethink Ireland, we are confident that this training academy will unlock countless opportunities for individuals with disabilities, enabling them to build fulfilling careers and achieve their dreams."

For more information on the NOW Group’s services, visit:

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