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NOW Group Participant Privacy Notice

When you join our services eg Employment Service or Family Service or you join one of our social groups such as Fandom or Cinema Club we need to collect some personal details about you so we can contact you and give you the support you need.


We think it is important to keep your information safe so other people cannot use the information you give us if you don't want them to.


This notice tells you more about 

  • Why we collect information from you 

  • What details we might need

  • How we use your details

  • How we keep your details safe


What personal details do we need?


Depending on the services you use we may need to collect some of the following information from you.

  • Your name and address 

  • Your email address or telephone number

  • Your age

  • If you completed any training

  • If you have had a job

  • What activities you like to do

  • What things you might be interested in doing in the future

  • If you are in our Family Service we might want to know about your children


Personal information

Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information for the following reasons -


  • So that we can contact you to let you know about activities

  • So we know what type of service would be best for you.

  • So we know what types of job we could help you find.

  • So we know what sort of activities we could arrange for you.


Sensitive Information

Sometimes we might need to collect sensitive information from you. Sensitive information includes information about disability or about medical conditions you may have.


Why do we collect this information?

We collect this information for the following reasons -

  • So we can make sure that activities we offer you are safe for you to do

  • Sometimes our funders need this information to check that you are the right person for the programme.


We also use some software to collect information from you. This includes -


  • Survey Gizmo - to ask you what you think about our services

  • Mailchimp - to send you newsletters (but only if you want these)

  • JAM Card app - we collect your contact details only. Other information you give us for the app such as information about your medical condition or disability is collected but we do not stored this information with your name.


How do we collect this data?


We collect your data when -


  • You 'sign up' to join our service

  • When your parent/carer or social worker gives us your information.

  • You register for our JAM Card app

  • You attend one of our events


We will only collect your personal details if we have your consent. That means we will always ask you or your parent/carer before collecting your information.


Do we share your personal data?


We will not normally share your information with others unless we need to do this to keep safe. Sometimes other organisations who deliver activities for us may need your information but we will check that it is kept safe. If you do training with us we will share your achievements with the Learning Record Service if you want us to.


How do we keep your information safe?


Our staff have been trained to keep all information safely and we only keep information that we need to support you. We will delete your information when you leave our service and we no longer need it.


Have you heard about GDPR?

GDPR is a new law about keeping personal information safe. Under this new law you can do the following.


  • You can ask us to let you see the information we hold about you so you can check it is correct

  • You can ask us to change information that is not correct.

  • You can ask us to delete your information if you do not want us to hold it.

  • You can tell us that you do not want to receive any more information from us.


What do I do if I am not happy about how you use or store my information?


Contact us

You can call our office and ask to speak to the Data Protection Officer or you can email


Contact the Information Commissioners Office

The Information Commissioners Office are responsible for making sure that the new GDPR Data Protection laws are carried out. You can contact them by following this link:

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