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Workable NI and In-Work Support: What is it? 

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A catch-up with Niamh Rainey, Employment Development Manager 


What is Workable NI? 


Workable NI is a free support programme for those already in employment. It provides a person-centred approach to supporting people with disabilities and long-term health conditions to sustain their work.  


At NOW Group we simply call this ‘In-Work Support’, and it is delivered by our Employment Liaison Team who have a wealth of experience in employer engagement and supporting with reasonable adjustments.  


What is your role? 


I am an Employment Development Manager. I oversee the day to day of Workable NI support and direct participant referrals to the relevant keyworker.  


How can the programme help employees? 


The programme helps employees build their confidence and maintain their roles through specialist person-centred support. This includes one-to-one advice and training which is tailored to the employee’s needs, provided both on the job and outside of work.  


How does the programme support employers? 


Through the programme, employers are offered specialist disability awareness training for all their staff. Our team also provides advice and assistance with making reasonable adjustments in the workplace for employees requiring additional support.  


A support package is agreed between the employee, employer and NOW Group for a period of one year, however this can be extended depending on individual needs. Successful delivery of the programme can help organisations become a confident disability employer.  


Who is eligible? 


Anyone who has a disability or long-term health condition and currently works 10 hours per week, with a contract of six months or longer based in Northern Ireland. 


How can you register for this support? 


Get in touch with one of our team or contact me directly at or on 07719518322.  

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