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Christine Gets Social With NOW Group

After finishing school in 2014 Christine wasn’t sure of what her next steps would be. After hearing about NOW Group she felt it suited her abilities best and decided to join. During her time at NOW Group Christine has completed essential skills courses and joined our weekly Kidnap social group. Kidnap gives adults with learning difficulties the opportunity to meet up, make new friends, and go on fun trips out around Belfast.

Some of the activities our Kidnap participants have taken part in include bingo, mocktail tastings, dress up competitions and mindful colouring in exercises. They also go to museums, bowling, ice-hockey games and go out for lunch. Christine comes to kidnap every Thursday afternoon. Her favourite things are taking part in art and crafts and showing people her homemade animations.

NOW Group has a number of social groups for adults with autism and learning disabilities in Belfast. This includes our drama club, art club, Fandom gaming group and Kidnap social group. Our social groups take place weekly where participants can make new friends and meet people with similar interests. Find out more about our social groups today and how you can get involved.

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