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Participant Secures Employment With Danske Bank

* Name has been changed to protect the privacy of our participant

After completing an MA in History in 2017, James struggled to find paid work. A family friend suggested that he should join NOW Group for employment support. He signed up to their Verve jobs and training programme and was introduced to Paulette, who supported him into a paid role in Tesco 2019.

James was delighted to achieve his first paid role. Although he had previously interned in many organisations, he was not able to secure paid work. His new job role gave him the financial independence and work experience that he was seeking.

After completing the Verve programme, James joined Workable where he received support from NOW Group’s Employment Officer Megan McCleave. This gave James the opportunity to develop his self-confidence and employability skills. With help from Megan, he started to think about his career progression and Workable was able to support him in developing his skillset.

James was keen on problem solving and careers in administration as it was a steady full-time role. He worked with Megan and the Workable programme to identify the skills he needed to develop to progress his career. Over time James gained excellent experience in interview skills which helped him to achieve his new role with Danske Bank. James has said ''Patience is a virtue because NOW group delivers results in the end – their support has been invaluable, and I couldn’t have got to where I am without them.’'

James is very excited to start his new role with Danske Bank, and his employers have been proactive in creating an open and supportive environment prior to his starting in January 2023. For more information on our training and jobs programmes and how you can sign up, visit our website today.

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