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Ode to Omagh

Graduation Ceremony in Belfast City Hall
NOW Connects Participants

At NOW Group our participants work hard to upskill and gain qualifications that will assist them on their journey to employment.

The poem below, 'Ode to Omagh' , is about how our NOW Connects participants Catherine, Mary, Christine and Christina all met their numeracy targets in style. They rarely missed a class and always had a positive attitude and were a pleasure to teach. Well done!

Ode to Omagh

Mary Irwin and Catherine McFarland started their class

With several doubts they’d be able to pass

Christina Crawford and Christine Potter saw 2 become 4

Shy and retiring was the group no more!

But since the day of their initial assessment

Their time and effort have been a steady investment

Measurement and multiplying within the classroom

Percentages and pie charts through the medium of Zoom

From Omagh to Dromore to Microsoft Teams

Entry Level maths is just the start it seems

Whatever the platform, they’ll all be there

Thanks, in no small part, to the help of Marie Kerr

Perimeter and area turned out to be a breeze

Decoration of the office was calculated with ease

Not only the cost one would have to pay

But the change they’d expect to come their way

So well done achieving your target

Of how to work out the area of carpet

The length of skirting board, quantity of tiles

How many kilometres, the number of miles

No reason, however, to leave it all here

When you’ve proven once and for all, maths is nothing to fear.

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bai79 vua
bai79 vua
Nov 21, 2022

Cảm ơn các bạn đã theo dõi và chia sẻ các thông bổ ích,xem các tin mới về trò chơi hay tại,


Viktoria Morris
Viktoria Morris
Nov 10, 2022

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