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Learning Disability Work Week

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Learning Disability Work Week (18th-22nd Nov 2019) is an opportunity to celebrate the successes of people with a learning disability that have found paid employment and to address some of the barriers and obstacles that stop others from finding work.

People with a learning disability can and do make great employees if given the right opportunities and the right support.

Meet Tom Simpson, our Centre Host at Loaf Pottery and Pizzeria in Crawfordsburn. Tom came to NOW Group in December 2018 with a view to us helping him find some voluntary work.

Tom has autism and had some other health concerns during his teenage years. Early in 2019 Tom began a work placement at the Jolly Yarn Co in Newtownards where he was able to learn customer service skills, how to use the tills and fulfill orders and deliveries in the busy wool shop.

He was also on-hand to help with a range of events held in the shop, including crochet classes. Tom flourished at Jolly Yarn Co and seemed like an ideal candidate for a paid position at our Pottery and was successful in his first ever job interview.

Tom has excelled in his role so far and gets great feedback from customers for always having a smile on his face. He has mastered making specialty coffee and wood fired pizzas at the same time as taking part in theoretical learning as part of our Catering and Hospitality Academy. Tom has ongoing support from one of our team through the Workable NI programme.

Please get in touch if you might be our next success story and want to join Tom in the world of work.

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