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It's World Autism Awareness Week

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

We are still going to share with you some of the good news stories we had planned for this week. We work with people with a range with learning difficulties and autism and support them in to jobs with a future. Our participants achieve great things that might have seemed out of reach when they first joined NOW Group and they become valuable additions to the teams they work with. Here's Jack's story....

Jack Purvis works as a Porter at the Mater Hospital and is supported through the Department for Communities Workable NI Programme. The photo shows Jack helping Tara staff an information stand – something he would not have been comfortable doing when he first joined NOW Group. Jack’s confidence levels have risen so much that he is now part of a couple of our social groups and socialises with his work colleagues. We’ve been delighted to work with Jack on a range of core skills including problem solving, coping strategies and communication skills. We've also worked closely with his employer to help them support Jack best in the workplace. We're delighted that Jack has become a valued member of the team at the Mater.

If you have a learning difficulty or autism and might benefit from NOW Group’s services, please do get in touch by phone on 028 9043 6400 or email us at

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