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Amanda's story

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Amanda has been involved with the NOW Group for a number of years. While she was participating in the Transition 1 group, Amanda heard about our Kidnap group. This group meets weekly, giving adults with learning difficulties the opportunity to socialise and get involved in the community by volunteering and participating in events.

Amanda decided to join our Kidnap group to make new friends, keep busy and get out of the house. Throughout her time at this group, Amanda has taken part in a range of activities. Her favourite activities include watching movies, listening to music, and learning how to cook omelettes.

Before taking part in the Kidnap group Amanda had never tried to cook at home, however she has cooked an omelette at home for her mum and has developed her cooking skills.

Amanda loves being a part of the NOW Group, especially the Kidnap group:

‘’The Kidnap group is great! It’s central, it keeps you busy, and you get to meet a lot of new people. It is simply the best!’’

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