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SOS brings JAM Card to the streets of Belfast

We are proud to welcome SOS Bus NI as yet another JAM-Card friendly organisation. To date, 125 SOS Bus Volunteers have been trained through the online portal, with JAM-Card training now also part of the induction process for all new volunteers. And to help SOS Bus create safe spaces on the streets of Belfast, JAM Card window stickers are now displayed on all our response mini-buses and 60ft bendy buses.

JAM Card stands for ‘Just a Minute’ and allows people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier to tell others discreetly and easily that they need time and patience when using public services or in social situations.

SOS NI trains and equips volunteers to create safe spaces on the streets of Belfast. Since 2007 SOS NI Volunteers have supported 363,491 people and provided over 14,500 crisis interventions. Our training programme is co-designed by volunteers, partners and the people we support.

SOS Bus NI Director Joanne McQuillan said, ‘We are delighted to partner with NOW Group to create 'Just A Minute' Safe Spaces on the streets of Belfast. The training gives volunteers the skills and confidence to communicate effectively with people using their practical disability etiquette guide – we want to ensure that everyone can access help whenever they need it most.’

SOS teams are in Belfast on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm-1am and Monday-Friday from 2pm-6pm. If you or someone you see is in need of support, please call an SOS Response Team on 07901505505.

If you have a communication barrier and would like a JAM Card, please visit our website at You can find out how to download the app or request a free of charge physical card.

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