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Sarah Re-enters the World of Catering

In returning to work, one of our participants added to an already comprehensive CV

Ready for the first day: Sarah with Madeline at Loaf's Ballycultra Tearoom

Sarah’s time with NOW Group started over a year ago, when she began attending Loaf Pottery Social Group.

While thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to cultivate her social skills here, Sarah also expressed an interest in returning to a working environment.

Previously, Sarah held a position working in a hairdresser’s and had also clocked up an impressive 11 years at La Mon Hotel as a housekeeper, to boot.

Prior job experience was no issue, then. It was just a case of finding the right setting to match Sarah’s diverse skills set, and she was partnered with her Employment Officer Madeline Heron to begin this search.

Thankfully, it did not take long before a suitable opening presented itself to the pair.

With NOW Group’s social enterprise Loaf Catering stepping in to provide catering services at two National Museum NI sites from the beginning of October, Sarah completed her return to work the following week by joining the newly formed Loaf team at Ballycultra Tearoom.

Now that she is in employment again, Sarah is very keen to continue developing her customer-interaction skills and is also excited to learn how to make specialty coffees with the expert help of her colleagues at Ballycultra.

Although Sarah is currently on furlough due to the temporary closure of all NMNI buildings, we are sure that, post-circuit breaker, she will soon be serving out excellent chinwags and delicious coffees to all Loaf customers.

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04 janv. 2021

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