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Paul Scott Joins the M1 Confectioners Team

Young man unpacking van outside of a warehouse
Paul Scott, M1 Confectioners Warehouse Assistant

Paul Scott signed up to the NOW Group services in April 2019. During his time with us he took part in literacy essential skills and passed his exams. Paul also signed up to numeracy skills and is currently working towards his exams.

Alongside essential skills, Paul also completed the NOW Group’s Progression to Employment, Catering Hospitality Academy. As part if this training Paul completed a placement with Oxfam in Castle court where he would sort out clothes work on the till and serve customers.

In September 2021 Paul’s Employment Officer, Karen, used the app ‘Next-Door’ as a platform to tell others about what the NOW Group do and to source employment opportunities for her participants. Soon after Karen was contacted by Nicola Donaldson as she had saw Karen’s post and was interested in giving one of our participants an opportunity as a Warehouse Assistant. Paul was interested in this opportunity; however, Nicola faced unforeseen issues within the warehouse which affected the job opportunity.

Nicola reached out to Karen and Paul in April 2022 to let them know that operations within her warehouse up and running as normal and would still like to offer this opportunity to one of our participants. Nicola was seeking four hours a week and would reassess these hours overtime. Karen got in touch with Paul, and he was still interested in this opportunity. A meeting with Nicola was arranged and she was delighted to offer Paul the job as Warehouse Assistant. He was happy to accept and officially started this position in May 2022.

Paul is delighted as his hours have now increased to 8 hours a week. His favourite part of the job is being busy and getting the work done. Below Paul can be seen with Henry Donaldson, one of the owners of M1 Confectioners. Henry told Karen that Paul is doing an excellent job, he has really fitted in well and makes a terrific addition to the team.

Karen reached out to Nicola to ask why she reached out to her with this job position. Nicola said she was keen to give back to her community and give someone an opportunity. Nicola has said that Paul is doing an excellent job he is eager, and always does what is asked of him and more. Paul was a quick learner and took to the job well which can be quite physical. To date Paul is always on time and has never missed a day.

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