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​Hazelwood Integrated College go one step ahead

NOW Group is delighted to have been selected as one of five employers for the new Hazelwood College Internship Programme alongside Deloitte, Danske Bank, Clayton Hotels and O’Hare & McGovern.

The programme takes place over six months and allows the students to work closely with industry staff on specific projects, whilst gaining a broad view of the business and developing skills for the future beyond the curriculum.  This will provide an excellent opportunity to give students real life experience in the social enterprise sector that goes beyond the usual one week placement.

Ann Osborne, Head of Performance and Quality at NOW comments, “We see this as a way to showcase the social enterprise sector as a very viable career option for the students and their peers. We are also looking forward to learning from the young people and having their unique insight and input into our brand and product development through their research project.”

This week representative from the host organisations, Board of Governors, teaching staff from Hazelwood and selected students were joined by their parents/guardians to celebrate the inauguration of the Internship Programme, the first of its kind, in Northern Ireland.

The successful students, pictured, had every right to be smiling as they completed a two stage selection process to gain an internship position.  Stage one was completing an application form and submitting their CV, followed by stage two which offered them first-hand experience of attending an employer interview along with preparing a presentation slide.

Mrs Kathleen O’Hare, the Principal, welcomed everyone and explained that the college is honoured to be working closely with five leading employers from a range of industries within Northern Ireland. 

Mrs O’Hare’s address highlighted that there is an overwhelming desire for immersive, practical learning and a strong appetite for Hazelwood students to learn the skills that employers are seeking in potential employees,  “Companies are now hiring more interns than ever before in what is now a burgeoning internship market.  Through our internship programme, the students will be well positioned to succeed in the workplace and help bridge the skills gap.”

We look forward to welcoming the five interns to NOW Group!

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