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FANDOM CON: NOW Group's first gaming convention celebrating autism takes place this weekend!


FANDOM CON, one of Northern Ireland's first-ever gaming conventions specifically designed for and organised by individuals with autism, is set to take place this Saturday, May 27th, from 12-4pm at 2 Royal Avenue, Belfast.

The event, organised by NOW Group's Fandom social group participants with the aim of creating an inclusive space where like-minded individuals can come together to celebrate their love for gaming and socialise with others. At our event they will also find out more information on how they can join NOW Group's social groups and avail from our employment services.

With over 340 gamers registered to attend so far, Fandom Con promises to be a remarkable gathering that embraces the passions and interests of those attending. At the convention we will have a range of fun games to choose from including Pokémon, YU-GI-OH and D&D as well as opportunities to play with a VR headset. There will also be tournaments running for Smash bros, Mario Kart and Switch sports and a Cosplay area.

Jenny Potter, NOW Group's Regional Manager, spoke about the concept's development, highlighting its roots in Fandom, a social forum originally created by NOW Group, a social enterprise supporting people with learning difficulties and autism into jobs with a future.

“Fandom provided a platform for individuals to socialise, make friends, and bond over their shared interests in comics, video games, and movies. Recognising the desire to expand these connections and provide a larger-scale opportunity for participants to meet new people, the idea for Fandomcom was born,” comments Jenny.

"We are incredibly proud to introduce Fandomcom as a ground-breaking event in Northern Ireland," adds Jenny. "Fandom has been a source of joy and camaraderie for many individuals with autism. Seeing the genuine connections formed, we recognised the need for a convention that could bring even more people together and amplify these experiences. Fandomcom will create an exciting space where individuals with autism can celebrate their passions, share their enthusiasm, and connect with others who understand and appreciate their unique perspectives."

Fandom Con is a free event taking place on 27th May in Belfast's city centre. The convention aims to create welcoming environment for all gamers and to empower individuals with autism by creating a platform where their voices are heard, their talents are celebrated, and their experiences are validated. To register for NOW Group's event visit

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