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Ciaran’s Short Road to 40 Hours per Week

In our first piece of this week’s life under lockdown, we look at Ciaran Masterson’s journey into employment during the last year

From left to right: Josh with Ciaran at a JP Corry branch

Since Ciaran joined NOW Group in September 2019, he has established an excellent partnership with his Employment Officer Josh McConnell. 

This saw Ciaran throw himself into a range of NOW training courses in the latter stages of 2019, and after a few months he began a work placement with one of our key strategic partners JP Corry – a builders merchant company that operates across 17 branches in Northern Ireland and with a long history dating back to the 19th century.

While gaining valuable insights into the working world, Ciaran also received ongoing job coaching from Josh and their connection continued to grow. And having impressed his employer with his performance in his new role, Ciaran’s placement was then extended by JP Corry, and soon after he was able to complete training with the company to attain his forklift licence. 

This was to prove a very significant step. With just under a year having passed from the first time he walked through NOW’s doors, Ciaran entered full-time work with JP Corry in August 2020 – crowning off his truly rapid progress into the world of work during the most testing of circumstances.

We fully expect that Ciaran will excel in his new position at JP Corry for years to come. We can also confirm that he and Josh enjoy a good ongoing working relationship.

As always, we extend our thanks to our partners at JP Corry for their highly valued support. 

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