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AIB becomes JAM Card friendly in a latest support of vulnerable customers

AIB has announced its commitment to becoming ‘JAM Card Friendly’ as the bank continues to support vulnerable customers. The initiative is part of a wider programme of work by AIB to support customers who are most in need of support. The JAM Card allows anyone with a communication barrier to tell others they need ‘Just A Minute’ discreetly and easily. It can be used by people with Asperger’s syndrome or autism, those who have a brain injury as well as people who otherwise feel self-conscious about their ability to effectively communicate when engaging with others. The customer commitment is the latest from AIB’s Vulnerable Customer Programme which was established in 2018.

Customers will simply be able to show their card in branch to a member of staff which will discreetly convey their need for more time in communicating or conducting their banking business. All branch staff will complete JAM Card eLearning awareness training in the coming months. The JAM Card is available as a physical card or as an app on your phone and will be promoted through AIB branches nationwide.

Mark Doyle, Chief Marketing Officer at AIB said “Disability and communication barriers are often invisible which is why the JAM Card is such a fantastic initiative. This is a way for our customers to discreetly let us know if they need us to take a bit more time with them. This will help take the stress away from customers and will hopefully make them more confident when banking with us.’

Maeve Monaghan, Chief Executive at NOW Group said “We’re delighted to welcome AIB as our first all-Ireland JAM Card friendly bank. The JAM Card was developed by NOW Group participants and we are sure that it will prove valuable to AIB customers. We have been working with AIB over a number of months and are impressed with their commitment to offer excellent customer service to all their customers. They have put JAM Card training at the heart of their support to their vulnerable customers in the knowledge that it will help make their business better.”

AIB launched its Vulnerable Customer Programme in 2018 with the aim of developing supports for customers in vulnerable circumstances. The programme is built on the experience of staff who support customers every day and is focused on key areas including Financial Abuse, Addiction, Dementia, Mental Health, Accessibility and Economic Resilience.

As part of this programme a Vulnerable Customer Support Team was established in 2019 to assist with complex customer cases. Since its inception the team has dealt with a wide variety of customer circumstances with the most prevalent cases resulting from financial abuse or Dementia. The team has developed links with advocacy groups including the HSE Safeguarding Committees and SAGE Advocacy and has worked closely with them on a number of customer cases.

Over the past two years the programme has delivered a number of supports for customers and has worked with charitable organisations, advocacy groups and the HSE to better understand how it can support its customers.

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