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A placement with Deloitte and a plethora of qualifications – Anthony’s journey to date

We check in on how one of our busiest and brightest participations has pursued the last 12 months

Hard at work: Anthony completing one of three courses last year

Since Anthony joined NOW Group in January 2020, he has been a model participant. He has led the way in the areas of attendance and work ethic, and has shown a great willingness to interact with his colleagues and tutors.

While this mostly attests to his own unique quality of character, it also reflects what he has got out of his NOW experience to date.

“I've enjoyed it, and it’s a good way to meet new people,” Anthony tells us, adding that it “gave me something to look forward to over the pandemic.”

Despite his impressive all-round engagement with NOW from day one, Anthony has also shown a shrewd discipline in navigating the options open to him, careful to maximise the use of his time.

“Being quite a proactive participant,” notes his Skills Trainer, Conn Gervin, “he was conscious of taking courses which he would enjoy, but also which would enhance his CV and give him the best opportunity to find work and work placements.”

This practical approach first led Anthony to sign up for a personal-finance course in Money Management, and he followed this up by taking Pre-Employment, giving him an insight into how to present yourself and treat others in the workplace.

With Anthony’s third choice, however, his pragmatic thinking really started to bear fruit. In completing NOW’s ICT Academy, he was presented with the opportunity to go on a five-week full-time placement with NOW Group’s strategic partner Deloitte.

As well as proving a thoroughly enjoyable experience, it “gave him the opportunity to see what he is interested in,” says Conn, “and allowed him to get expert level induction into the world of corporate employment.”

In typical fashion, Anthony simply observes of his achievements so far, “the more I learn, the more I know and that’s good for my CV.”

So, what’s next for this dynamic duo?

“There is also a comprehensive unit about interviews skills,” Conn hints, and this “will help to be ready for that process when he has the opportunity.”

One thing is certain: Anthony will continue to go about his business with excellent application and expert judgement.

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