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Top Laser Measures You Should Have In Your Toolbox!

Are you looking for a double-accuracy device in terms of measurements? Remove all old measuring tools such as a ruler, tape measure, square, and so on. What's more, guess what? The best laser distance measuring tool is equipment that can be used to solve a variety of issues.

#1 - What feature should be looked for in a laser measure?

Bluetooth and Mobile devices:

Many companies have combined the ease of using laser measuring tools with the extra capability of mobile devices. The measuring tool's Bluetooth capability syncs with free iOS and Android apps to automatically store angle and distance information. You can keep and calculate various angles, lengths, and more convenient onsite calculations, depending on the app's capabilities.

Accuracy and range:

In general, a laser measure with a broader range and higher accuracy is more dependable. While some low-cost laser measures have a limited range, we recommend looking for something with a range of at least 150 feet. Most people will be satisfied with a precision of 1/16 inch. Still, models with an accuracy of 1/32 inch are also available and will provide more reliable results.


Many laser measures feature a memory, so you won't have to scribble down measurements while working. The amount of space available varies. A few versions can also capture data by connecting to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Screen size:

Because all of these gadgets are small, the screens are small, which can hinder legibility. Look for a model with a larger display if you have trouble reading.

#2 - Bosch GLM35:

What we like:

The measurement range of this laser distance meter is 120 feet, with an accuracy of 1/16 inch. One person can now complete the two-person measuring activities that were once tedious and time-consuming in a fraction of the time! The GLM 35 uses exact 1/32" graduations to collect measurements. The backlit LCD is more manageable to read, and the intuitive keyboard can be learned fast.

This best laser measuring tool runs on two AAA batteries, which provide around 4 hours of operation. An automatic shut-off feature extends the life of the battery. After 20 seconds of inactivity, the laser will turn off. The measurement tool will automatically shut off after 5 minutes if no button is hit.


The fractions of an inch display are tiny and difficult to read. Furthermore, the batteries do not last for very long.

#3 - Leica DISTO E7500i:

What we like:

The Leica DISTO E7500i has a slim and portable design with durable housing and a keyboard that meets IP65 specifications for dust and water resistance. The device has passed ISO 16331-1 testing and has a more extensive distance measurement range (650 feet) with a 1/16-inch precision.

It features a 360-degree tilt sensor and a digital point finder camera with a 4X zoom display. This enables you to conduct indirect and long-distance measurements both indoors and outdoors, which would otherwise be impossible with traditional distance measuring equipment.

The equipment is battery-operated, with a typical battery life of 5 hours (5000 measurements). The gadget is battery-powered, with a battery life of 5 hours (5000 measures) on the average per set of batteries and the ability to recall the past 30 findings.


Compared to other devices, this laser tape measure has a higher price range.

#4 - Wrap Up:

These are the top brands available. This article has brought you the most accurate laser measuring tool to support you in finding out the proper one for yourself.

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