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What does EDM stand for?

EDM stands for the English phrase Electronic dance music. Understood as dance music, electronic music.

In the field of Marketing, the word EDM is also often used. However, this is an acronym for the phrase Electronic Direct Mail. Means electronic mail.

What instrument is EDM made of?

EDM is made up of electronic instruments: Electronic Drum, Synthesizer, MIDI Sequencer. EDM music genre is popular and strongly developed from dance floors in the US, dance festivals, and world-famous clubs. Since then, EDM has become the most popular trendy music genre among young people today.

Types of EDM music

EDM music is divided into many genres, most notably House, Electro, Trance, Dubstep, Techno, Trip-Hop, and Moombathon.


In the 1980s, House music began to originate in the city of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

In the mid-1990s, after a great success, House music continued to explode stronger with the birth of Progessive House. This music genre has been developed and spread worldwide thanks to the great contributions of DJs such as Daft Punk, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki...

House music is mostly instrumental music that has a vibrant sound but is very mysterious and magical. House is created by the sound of bass and pounding drums.

The most important thing that distinguishes House from other music is the bass, the main drum, the fast beat and the fast tempo.

Enjoy: The song Wake me up by Avicii


Electro stands for electro-funk and electro-boogie. Electro music is represented mainly by electronic drums TR-808 and other instruments.

The characteristic of Electro music is that it often does not use vocals in the song. If so, the voice is distorted.


Trance music originated in Germany, then spread throughout Europe. Trance is music that emphasizes electronic sounds, extending to the end of the song.

Many people confuse Trance and House. Because basically, Trance has a lot of similarities with House but has easier to listen to melody than Hardhouse, Drum'n'Bass, Hardcore, Techno.

Trance music came to the masses thanks to famous DJs like Armin Van Buuren and Above & Beyond.

music EDM


Dubstep music was born around 1998 in England. This music has a very heavy drum and bass, accompanied by resonant vocals in each tune.

The super typical artists of Dubstep music include Datsik, Rusko, and Skrillex.


Techno music is the most representative line of EDM music. This music genre originated in Detroit, Michigan, the USA in the late '80s. Techno has a vibrant and playful melody and sound. This is the strongest of all dance music genres.

State-of-the-art instruments create Techno music. Typically, the keyboard is used the most, combining electronic drums and background bass to create bold and unique music. Maybe you will listen to EDM music on Soundcloud, if you want to download EDM songs from Soundcloud you can visit this Soundcloud music download site: Soundcloud song downloader

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