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One of the things that fascinate the majority of skateboarders is that skateboarding is so diverse in terms of styles. Moreover, there is absolutely no restriction for skaters who want to experience a new style even when they are totally unfamiliar with it.

As long as you want to learn something new, you would be able to gain new skills and learn new tricks. Therefore, I would like to show you a quick review of what SkateAdvisors shared about different skateboarding styles to try. Hopefully, you can find some inspiration after reading this thread.


If you are familiar with street skateboarding, you can easily grab this style since it basically means skaters have to do tricks on flat surfaces. Typically, people prefer doing freestyling while having music played in the background. However, what makes freestyling different from other skating styles is that riders only perform tricks while staying in the same position. I know that sounds strange since most skateboarding tricks require moving and a wide area to be performed; however, you can literally try freestyling in your backyard.


Don’t you just be amazed by the insane speed of downhill riders? You must have encountered some skateboarders riding down a steep hill at a speed of about 50 mph. These skateboarders usually use longboards that have larger decks and wheels so that the board can stay balanced and stable while moving at such speed.

Although downhill skating looks fantastic, it contains a lot of risks because falling from the skateboard at a high speed can lead to severe damage to your body. Therefore, remember to wear protective gear during your skating sessions.


If you are a loyal fan of SkateAdvisors on soundcloud, you must be familiar with several articles about cruising. This skating style does not focus on doing tricks but uses skateboards as an alternative means of transport. Cruisers can travel from their home to work or even around the city while enjoying nature at the same time.

For the best cruising experience, a setup of a large deck, big and soft wheels, and lose trucks is highly recommended to achieve the best speed and smoothest motion. With a proper skateboard, you can travel from city to city.


Skateboarders in crowded cities often don’t have much space for learning and performing; therefore, they usually go to a skate park since this place provides enough obstacles and a proper area for practicing. Moreover, they can also meet other incredible skaters at skate parks to learn tricks from them.

Actually, park skateboarding is quite similar to street skating; however, it is much safer since you are going to skate in a special area where no cars or vehicles are coming toward you. At skate parks, you can also find common obstacles on the street such as stairs, rails, or benches. You can also build your own skate park by following the guide by SkateAdvisors on youtube.

Finally, you should take your time to find the most suitable skateboarding style based on what you need and your preference.

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