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The exam has always required and still requires careful preparation, because not only the admission of a child to a good university, but also the growth of his future career depends on passing the unified state exam.

From the very first years of the appearance of the examination as an alternative to regular exams, social science has been very popular for passing to this day. It is not surprising, because the results in this particular school subject are required in almost every US university. So, social science is obligatory for admission to law schools, some pedagogical universities, and also to a number of military universities. Social science is the basis not only for orientation in society, but also for mastering a profession.

In 2020, there were no global changes in the exam, except for the fact that the exam was postponed, and also that the exam should now be taken only by those who are going to enter higher educational institutions. However, it is worth noting a few minor innovations. For example, now you can pass the exam at absolutely any school, and even in your own, if the management takes care of it in advance. This is pretty good news for students, because under the circumstances, many are stressed, and passing the exam in familiar classrooms will be more relaxed than in foreign walls. The main condition, of course, remains the availability of special equipment for conducting exams, that is, cameras, as well as the presence of specialists and public observers.

Students are given exactly 235 minutes to write the exam paper, which does not include time for a preliminary consultation. During this time, the guys need to write tests and a mini-essay. However, nothing new.

Checking the work will also take place, as before, according to the cross system. It will be carried out by experts from other regions. So, it will be impossible to fake an estimate or change the work.

These are all organizational issues, but let's return to the main topic, namely, how to prepare for the Unified State Exam in social studies in 2020.

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