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Requirements for the Work and the Candidate for Admission to the Defense and the Procedure for Its Implementation

Please note that it is not enough to write and issue a Ph.D. thesis to get admission to its defense. It is important to provide a full-fledged project that meets all the stated requirements with related documents.

The mandatory files that must be submitted to the Discussion Council along with the dissertation include:

  • Annotation;

  • Supervisor reviews;

  • Reviews of official opponents;

  • Scientific publications involved through self-citation and self-plagiarism (their copies);

  • Handouts or presentations;

  • Abstract.

In addition, the applicant will be allowed to defend only after passing the candidate minimum and presenting the appropriate certificate. Moreover, it is necessary to take care of passing this milestone in advance. It is also important not to have academic debt behind you.

Requirements for the Candidate of Science Degree Applicant

Please note that all the above parameters must be observed by graduate students and applicants, regardless of the form of study and the option of mastering the third stage of education: full-time, part-time or remote. They are binding and the same for all.

The conditions for defending a dissertation is created by the university and the Discouncil, preparing the appropriate place (room), audio or video equipment for recording speeches, ballots for holding a " secret ballot ", the appearance of members of the Discouncil, documenting the defense (minutes, etc.).

In the case of distance protection, the author of the scientific work must also take care of the technical equipment: PC, webcam, stable Internet, room (decent conditions: cleanliness, comfort, silence, lighting, etc.).

The author of the dissertation candidate will have to briefly and succinctly note the essential points of the study: topic, hypothesis, mission, activities, results, their significance and novelty, recommendations for use. The report should be carefully planned, and it is important for the speaker to keep within 15-20 minutes, and then answer the questions of the Discussion Council (discussion).

In case of difficulties, contact only trusted specialists. The team is ready to help in the implementation and execution, verification of a Ph.D. thesis, abstract and other related documents. We provide a wide range of services for the implementation of research: writing a turnkey project, proofreading and proofreading / editing the text, formatting in accordance with the current requirements and the client's recommendations, increasing the uniqueness of the text, preparing VAK-articles, preparing an abstract, etc.

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