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Why Art Is Beneficial for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism?

Art classes in Belfast for adults with autism

For people with learning disabilities and autism, art offers an escape from reality. Art is a great form of self-expression for people who struggle to show their thoughts and feelings verbally. For those with hidden disabilities and communication barriers art will allow them to communicate with others without any restrictions. There are many reasons as to why art is beneficial for adults with learning disabilities and autism, from benefiting their motor skills to reducing stress and anxiety. Through the NOW Group’s art clubs in Belfast our participants have a safe space where they can work on their self-confidence without judgement.

Benefits of Art Class for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism

Improved Communication Skills

At NOW Group’s art classes participants are given the chance to improve their communication skills. Through their artwork they can express their thoughts and feelings. Whether they are drawing, painting, or working on a group art project they can break free from any negative thoughts or stress they may be experiencing. By attending our art club for people with autism in Northern Ireland, each week participants will find it easier to deal with their internal thoughts and worries and may find it easier to speak about them with family and loved ones.

Stress Relief

One of the many health benefits of drawing and painting is that it can help to relieve stress. For those living with hidden disabilities and communication barriers, the pressures of everyday life can be overwhelming. Socialising with others, shopping, using transport and other daily tasks can cause a lot of anxiety. At NOW Group’s art classes for adults with learning disabilities participants can relax, socialise with their friends, and escape the requirements of their daily routines.

Better Motor Skills

People living with disabilities and autism can struggle to develop their motor skills, such as writing, running, walking, and more. Art club can help to develop people’s mobility and motor skills. As participants sometimes use pens, pencils, and paintbrushes to create their masterpiece, overtime they will develop their hand movements. Through the weekly movement of drawing or painting, signals will be sent to the brain to the motor neurons that are responsible for creating this specific movement. As a result of practicing this movement every week, fine motor skills will be developed.

Social Groups for Adults with Disabilities in Belfast

From stress relief and better mobility to improved communication and social skills, it is clear to see why art is beneficial for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Art can take place everywhere, whether you are drawing at home or attending NOW Group’s weekly art classes.

NOW Group is a social enterprise in Northern Ireland whose mission is to support those with learning disabilities and autism into jobs with a future. We also have a range of exciting social groups, including art club, drama cub, Fandom gaming group and more! For more information about our Monday night drama classes and how to get involved, get in touch with our Social Group Co-Ordinator Anna Nelson by emailing

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