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Lorraine Feeling Ready to Support the Kids

In our second pandemic-life profile of the week, we reveal how long-running NOW Group participant Lorraine Kidd built a new level of independence over the past months

Lorraine is an employee with the Lower Oldpark Community Association and works with preschool children. She has a passion for working with young people and enjoys her role. 

However, Lorraine felt she needed support in some key areas of her vocation, and decided to join NOW’s Workable NI programme to gain in-job work support. 

Lorraine was paired with her Workable NI Officer Robyn McNulty, and they would hold regular, enjoyable meetings to talk through ways of overcoming any issues Lorraine was facing in the workplace.

With the support of Robyn, Lorraine has developed many skills and made significant improvement in key areas to build independence. This has been very positive for both Lorraine and her employer.

Having made immense progress, Lorraine now no longer requires in-work support from Workable NI. She is very grateful for all the support she has received from NOW and plans to use her new skills and resilience to provide the best possible support to the children she works with.

All staff at NOW are, of course, sad to see less of Lorraine, but are so proud of her positive development.

Pictured at work: Lorraine at Lower Oldpark

Community Association

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